I have been wanting to watch Suicide Squad for ages. However I haven’t ever really been one to watch fantasy/ science fiction films so I’m not really sure what it was that originally attracted me to the film.

I finally got around to buying it off of the Play Store (I have only just recently got into using it) I decided to get the extended edition as it was the same price as the normal version – bargain right!

I was a little apprehensive of actually watching the film as I had heard mixed things from people who had already seen it and said not to waste my time watching it.

However I am really glad that I did watch it. I had the right balance of humour, action, dialogue and the plot was easy enough for me to follow – which is always a winner as my attention span when it comes to watching films can be a little bit on the limited side.

My favourite character was definitely Harley Quinn

Her character has the right balance of humour action and love story. I’d love to see a movie dedicated more to this character but she would have to be played by Margot Robbie again as she played the part just right for me.

Have you seen this film, what did you think?

Stacey xo

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