Believe it or not this is one question I get asked a lot when people find out that I was sexually abused.

Are you a lesbian because you were sexually abused?

Although I can understand to some extent why some people may think that this could be the case.

Funnily enough my sexuality isn’t anything to do with the abuse I went through. I am still able to be close with men and have a lot of close friends who are men. I just don’t fine them sexually attractive or the gender that I would want to be in a relationship with.

I was always a tomboy from a young age, I was very into football and other sports as well as being outside. I have never been heavily into makeup or dresses or anything like that. So it is pretty safe to say that being sexually abused had no influence over my sexuality and the fact that I am a raging lesbian.

  • Stacey xo


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