This year I am trying to watch 365 films that I haven’t yet seen and while I am doing that I thought that I would post my thoughts of them here.Seeing as I have taken a rather long break from my blog I have a few things to get you all caught up on, one of those is my recent trip to Cambridge for Mother’s Day – this post is coming soon. However I while I was there my sister took me to see Beauty and the Beast with one of her friends, Emma. wanted to see Beauty and the Beast mainly because Emma Watson is the lead but also because Disney generally know how to knock together a decent film. Adding on to that the fact it is a remake of one of their classics, who couldn’t want to go and see it!Some reviews I have since read about the film say they think it is too long however I disagree with them. It is about half an hour longer than the original (2 hours 19 minutes compared to the originals 1 hour 50 minutes) but I don’t think that it feels as though you are watching the film any longer than necessary. It may however be a little too long for the younger audience that Disney films tend to attract.I have to say I loved every aspect of this film, so much so I have been to the cinema to see it again already! The cast for the film where perfect, the soundtrack is incredible and the whole production of the film can only be described as typical Disney – elaborate, colourful and magical.Regardless of whether you are a fan of the original I am certain you will enjoy the remake (you may even fall in love with it even more than the original!). So if you are looking for a film to watch this would definitely be at the top of my recommendations right now!Stacey x  

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