a while now I have wanted to raise money for charity through doing some kind of challenge.At the beginning of this year I decided that I would like to give the London Marathon a go. I think I may be a little bit crazy!So I started searching for a charity that I wanted to support and raise money for through doing the London Marathon. I wanted it to be a charity who support children who have been sexually abused, abused, neglected. I narrowed the list to a few and applied for a place.I now have a confirmed place with The Children’s Society (registered charity 221124).I also now have a very long journey ahead of me preparing to complete the 26.219 miles.My parents have already booked me and them a hotel room in London – so it is very real and very daunting. But I am looking forward to the challenge and all the preparations I am now going to be doing.I am going to be keeping you all updated on my training, here and on my youtube channel.Plus it would be great if you could sponsor me through my ‘Just Giving’ page and if you can’t please share it with everyone you know so that we can raise as much as possible for a charity who do some incredible work!

ThanksStacey xo 

4 responses to “I am Running the London Marathon 2018”

  1. Ana Vukosavljevic Avatar
    Ana Vukosavljevic

    That’s a such a nice thing to do! I hope you will raise enough money. Good luck girl!


    1. Thank you – Fingers crossed I’ll get there 🙂


  2. You go girl! I’m not much of a runner at all but I believe in you!!!!


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