am a sucker for a film based on a true story and this one has lesbians in it so it was a win win for me before it even started! I also saw the trailer for this film a while a go and wanted to see it but life got in the way, then when I was flicking through Netflix the other night I saw it sat in one of the recommended boxes – it must have been fate!Although I was a little bit apprehensive of watching it when I had a little look at the reviews, especially as the highest I could find was 3/5.However I shouldn’t have worried. It was way too easy to become emotionally attached to the characters as the story progresses all you want is for everything to work out.It is a 1 hour 43 minute emotional roller coaster with Ellen Page and Julianne Moore playing the leading ladies.I am really glad that I didn’t judge this film by the reviews and gave it a chance! I would also recommend that you do too. 

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