The amount of times I have heard someone say to me ‘you can’t have depression you smile too much for someone who is depressed’ is ridiculous! You really wouldn’t believe it.I hate this statement and there are two sides as to why I get frustrated when people say it.The first one is sometimes I smile because it is so much easier than explaining the million things that could be going on in my head. Or even explaining this feeling that I don’t even understand myself at times.The other side is that my depression doesn’t effect me every minute of every day it affects me in different ways at different times. It could be that I am actually going through a good patch at the time and my depression isn’t actually affecting me all that much, it doesn’t mean it won’t come back – it’s just not as bad as it could be.But the main point really is that depression isn’t present all the time and you probably aren’t around when it is at its worst!

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