I went through a period of a few months where I was really good at self care, prioritising myself and making sure that I do everything I wanted to do, and then I let it all slip.I don’t really know what caused everything to slip and I don’t think there was any one thing that did it but I got myself into a rut.Over the past few days I have been feeling really run down and not myself. Then it hit me. I have spent too much time over the last few months doing things for other people, or because I felt I ‘had’ to, so much so that when I have had a chance to relax I have simply burnt out.The past few days I have literally taken a step back from everything and dug out all of my old blog plans, my sketchbooks, notebooks and I even looked back over some of my things from my counsellor.Guess what! It’s worked, I feel like the weight that was coming down on me has been lifted and I have my ‘mojo’ back.I also feel more motivated to get back onto blogging, writing poetry, making videos and I have also started a new sketchbook off!Creative Stacey is back & you will be seeing a lot more of me now!

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