I wanted safety from my own mindI wanted safety from the memories I would findI ran away from the little girl I didn’t want to beAnd the things her eyes shouldn’t have had to seeThe older I getThe more I wish I could forgetSome days I am frozen with fearEven though he isn’t even hereLearning to battle the war in my mindAnd face the memories I findI’ve rescued the little girl I didn’t want to beBecause she’s the courageous part of meShe taught me to carry on in the stormThe battles in my brain are my own kind of normOne bad day doesn’t have to beThe definition of little meThere may have been more than one bad dayBut that doesn’t mean to sayThat they have all been that wayThe older I getThe more I long to forgetBut day by day I am learning to live onWith these memories that are so wrong

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