I always think that the word ‘disclosure’ is a funny word, and a weird way to define telling someone about ‘that’ period of my life but apparently it is the right word for it.I feel like this is the right time to write this post because talking about my abuse isn’t really something that I think about as out of the ordinary.For me the abuse is quite a natural thing to talk about when it comes it up in conversation (which is more often than what you might think) & when it does people tend to have quite a few questions. Probably because they don’t often come across someone who is quite as open as I am with talking about it.Obviously the first time I confided in someone about my abuse was the hardest thing I did, and the few people after that it was still pretty terrifying. It kind of still is a bit terrifying telling people about it because I’m never sure of what their reaction will be. However for me it really helped me to come to terms with what happened as well as the severity of it too.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KATK1ZpOScs

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