Being a lesbian I eventually ‘came out’ to my family but to everyone else, I was just sort of ‘out’ to I never really put much thought in to telling my friends. I was just open about it. Once my family knew I was gay I didn’t feel the need to sit down and tell each person in my life. I just didn’t feel that I needed to make a massive announcement, I hadn’t changed and I was still the same person before everyone found out that women were my thing rather than men so I just felt like I wanted to carry on living my life the same as what I did before.However the older I have become and the more ‘new’ situations and people I meet I realise that even though it isn’t an ‘official’ coming out being gay (or for anyone who is part of the LGBTQ+ community) I end up having to come out to them at some point otherwise I end up with the dreaded ‘so do you have a boyfriend then?’ to which you end up with some awkward conversation about how great it is that I am gay and depending on how evil I am feeling I sometimes make them squirm a little bit just for making the assumption that I would have a boyfriend. Is that wrong? Probably.Some days I just get so frustrated that people STILL, even now, assume that as a female it means I would be with a male. Am I overreacting? Maybe.But that’s it. I may have bitten the bullet, psyched myself up and had the ‘talk’ (came out for those who need me to spell it out) but I still have to do it over and over which can be annoying but that’s just life and a part of being gay. Hopefully one day it won’t be that way but right now it is.  

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