If there was a window into my brainThen you would think that I am insaneI don’t think anyone is able to believeAll the things that my smile is able to deceiveI try to find the words that my mind wants to speakBut bottle them up in case you think I’m weakI don’t let my guard downAnd I only fall apart when no one else is aroundSome people say they can’t believe I’m so strongBut in truth some day I don’t want to go onThose days come in wavesAs I fall in to my minds cavesSlowly I see the light at the end of the tunnelAs I try to make my mind functionalStuck in a time warp of my childhoodTrying to let go of the memories like I know I shouldFinally living my life the way I always hoped I wouldhttps://youtu.be/TH8_-wCJy18

One response to “Poem: A Window Into My Brain”

  1. I loved this, especially those last two lines! I’ve been working on a poem myself recently but doubt it will ever see the light of day haha! Thank you for sharing! B x


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