I have been clearing out a cupboard full of old notebooks and found a half written poem so thought I would have a play around with it and share it with you all. So, here it is!https://youtu.be/f5BU-hDU4PQSo much time has pastBut still those memories lastThere are secrets I haven’t toldAbout the reasons I could be so coldI cover it up with a smileAnd shrug it off for a whileYou’ve got a hold on meAnd no one else can seeYou’re turning me into a person I don’t want to beEverytime you ignore my innocent pleaI whisper ‘not again, not today’But you tell me I don’t mean the things I sayI imagine the day when everyone finds outWill they believe me or will there be doubtI’m just a child who can’t behaveIt’s just an excuse – is what they’ll sayHe’s a man in a suitWith an office and a long commuteA good reputation, a real family manBut thats all just a part of his planThe man in a suit is really something elseWho is slowly damaging my mental healthThe doctor is trying to force pills down my throatBut its on my innocent tears that I chokeI haven’t slept in daysI’ve been walking around in a zombie like hazeI’m told to talk about how I feelBut I’m scared I’ll be told its not valid or realFast forward a number of yearsAnd still there are some tearsBut I no longer have so many fearsMy greatest secret is out in the openI no longer see myself as a child who is brokenThere are still stories left unspokenAnd I’m still learning how to feel all my emotionsBut now the doctor doesn’t try and feed me different pills and potionsThey’re finally listening to what I have to sayAnd now I live more than just day to dayThe ghist of the man in the suit will always haunt meI saw things a little girl wasn’t supposed to seeBut now I am a woman who is taking life onI know I don’t always have to be strongI’ve fallen many times, but stood up even moreI know the signs not to ignoreI’m enjoying life and the things it sends my wayI can finally confidently sayOn this planet is where I want to say

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