lights off and the door has closedBut right now I don’t knowHow to feelOr if this is even realThey told me this day was coming alongBut thinking about it felt wrongHow do you prepare yourself for thisYou used to be here and now your someone I missYou’ve gone on a journey I can’t followAnd since the day you left I feel empty and hollowIt came as the hardest blowAnd I just didn’t knowWhat to do, how to feelI longed for the news not to be realIn my head I replayThe words that were said but they stay the sameI listen as they say your nameSitting on the front rowLike I’m waiting in the theatre for a showI clench my hands tightAnd hold back the tears with all my mindI want to be strongI want to be told someone got this all wrongI want to see you walk through the doorI want to hear your made up stairs once moreHow do I grieveWhen I never wanted you to leaveHow do I learn to let goWhen you were the star of my showEven before you left I knew once you were gone, without you there would be something my life would lackAnd even if I asked you couldn’t come backThe cancer put your body under attackBut your heart remained the sameAll I can do is smile at the memories when someone says your nameThe lights off and the door has closedBut right now I knowI don’t have to know how to feelAnd some days it will never be realThey told me this day was coming alongAnd thinking about it will always feel wrong

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