After hearing the song How Far I’ll Go when it came up on a Spotify playlist I decided that I would finally cave and watch the film I have heard many people go on about, Moana. all fairness I have heard mixed reviews about it but a few evenings ago I wasn’t feeling too great and I had run out of things to watch so I decided to give it a go – I mean you can’t go wrong with a Disney film! of the first things I noticed about Moana was it felt like a mix between a combination of Disney films. So we were already off to a good start.As with all Disney ‘princess’ films there was a strong female lead but for once there wasn’t any dresses – we have finally got an adventure princess! Moana, a daughter of a Polynesian chief, is a brave and ambitious young woman. She leaves a safe home where she has been held back by overprotective parents, with expectations that she will succeed her father, to enter a dangerous world in order to find her destiny. The story shows how sometimes determination and good intentions can mean more than experience and age – something that is quite often forgotten now.I think the reason that I enjoyed this film so much was because there is something about Disney films that feel like home, they are all so familiar but so different. Moana had all this magical components that combine and make that Disney formula.

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