It’s called the big C

It has so many types I don’t know what they all mean

It has claimed lives too early

Others stories surrounded in controversy

Unable to get the medicine they need

With doctors parents plead

Others pray to a god they don’t believe in

Vowing to repay each and every sin

In the hope that this battle they’ll be able to win

Nobody has the key

To the cure that they all need

We raise money every minute of every day

In the hope that someone will say

We’ve finally done it

And we will cure each and everyone one bit by bit

That C word is something so many have heard

But is still such a foreign word

We ignore the signs

Because we’re terrified of what we’ll find

Instead we’ll ignore them and carry on

Hoping that the signs will be wrong

And they won’t be that terrifying one

The C word is something we fear

But has effected so many that we hold so dear

Friends and relatives, people we know

They’re scared but still don’t let it show

Protecting us from what the don’t want us to see

Being stronger than they should ever have to be

If it was up to me

It would be easier to get ride of the big C

But for some reason that’s not how it’s supposed to be

The big C will be around for a little while longer

And those that have it will continue to be worriors

It’s called the big C

And it has taken loved ones from me

It’s called the big C

And it’s not something we want or need

It’s called the big C

And one day it won’t be something we hear of or see

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