I am nowhere near where I would want to be regarding my body shape and appearance but I have definitely come a long way from where I was.I recently posted this photo on Instagram,IMG_20170828_201952_737The two photos have been taken just over 18 months a part. I hadn’t realised how much my appearance had changed as I hadn’t really looked back on any of my photos until the other day.  I have started to feel confident about my appearance found the ‘style’ of clothes I am happiest in. I just feel like everything in my appearance just fits right now. This obviously has helped boost my confidence too.I also invested in a smart watch it isn’t a particularly expensive one I picked it up in Menkind. I have found that being able to track the steps I am doing during the day so helpful to remind me to be more active during the day which I definitely important in a job where I spend the majority of the day sat down.I have started to be more conscious of drinking more water and less fizzy drinks which has meant I have seen an improvement in my skin and hair. I didn’t think it was true when people used to say how good for you water was but it turns out they were telling the truth all alongI also signed up for the gym back in January and have discovered a love for exercising in that way, plus it is really helping my anxiety and depression. Now I am definitely no expert so I have done a lot of reading online about the best things to do and have sort of played around with different combinations of the equipment in the gym. I have found that just stepping my exercise up even the small amount that I have it has definitely made a difference.I just feel good and positive about myself at the moment & I feel that we are all too quick to point out the things we don’t like about ourselves I thought I would make a post about the things I do like about myself and the progress I have made towards getting myself body confident again.

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