It is no secret that I have and still do continue to battle with different aspects of my mental health as a result of being abused when I was younger. I am definitely in what I would say is the best place regarding my mental health that I have been in for quite a long time.This photo was taken when I went to Tenerife in 2003 I was 9 years old, I see that little girl as almost a separate person to who I am now. During the time when that photo was taken I was already being abused but I it was a secret because I didn’t really know that  what was happening to me was wrong, even though I knew it wasn’t quite right.It took me a very long time to get the confidence to speak up about the abuse I went through. This has put a massive strain on my mental health and caused me to suffer from depression and anxiety which led to me being diagnosed with PTSD. I get panic attacks, flashbacks, and at various times suffer with insomnia. Over the past 4 years I have learnt a lot about my mental health and self care through various appointments with my doctor and counsellors. At times I people have made me feel stupid about talking about my mental health, other times I have felt very isolated and alone. Luckily more people now recognise mental health as something that does affect people quite seriously a lot more help is available to those who are affected by it although there is still a long way to go.IMG_20171010_145941.jpgOne thing I can safely say is that I am very proud of how I have come and although I know my mental health is bound to affect me in the future I am definitely understand it and am in a better position to be able to overcome any hurdles that I will face in the future. 

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