As soon as I saw Grace was releasing a book I knew I wanted to read it, I love biography type books where you can get to know the person from their own point of view. Plus knowing how honest she is with her YouTube videos I knew her book would be the same and I really wanted to get stuck into it.Here is the overview from Amazon:

From struggling with an eating disorder and body image issues to flashing Harry Potter (yes, that really did happen), Grace Victory has experienced it all.

Here, in No Filter, Grace shares her inspirational story of growing up in a troubled household, battling with depression and finally overcoming it all by learning to love herself just as she is. After years of self-loathing and self-destructive behaviour, she hit an all-time low but thanks to therapy, good friends and an award-winning blog, she has rebuilt herself to become a TV presenter and an inspirational role model for young people. Thanks to her bravery, instinctive honesty and ability to break down taboos, Grace is now able to speak openly about her personal battles and she regularly offers guidance to her legion of fans.

Brimming with hilarious anecdotes and no-nonsense advice, the Internet’s Big Sister tells you everything you need to know about accepting yourself and fighting back, in style.

For me reading this book was so refreshing because Grace wasn’t trying to airbrush over the serious parts of things that have happened to her or the things she has and is going through. I think this is what makes this book stand out from all the other YouTube/ influencer type books I have read. She isn’t trying to be perfect she is trying to be honest.It was great to be able to read a book that I could personally relate to on a few different levels and for the person writing it to actually make me, as a reader, feel as though it is valid and not something that should be skimmed over. I really commend her for being able to write about everything so honestly and I’m sure it will help a lot of her audience who has battled and is battling with a few of the topics she discusses in the book.The book is also the kind of book where you wouldn’t necessarily need to know who she is to be able to enjoy getting stuck into it. She covers topics about mental health, eating disorders, and abuse along with many others.

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