I’ve decided that I ‘m going to start going back to how I used to blog a little bit because the main reason I started my blog was to be able to have a place where I could look back on things and see what I got up to. So here is the first of my weekly round up posts!

I also feel that by doing this I will stay more on track of my training which once again has gone on its own little journey without me… the one that is currently none existent.


I got really ill out of nowhere and ended up going home from work early. I basically slept the whole day and ended up watching films. A bit of a write of really!

Total steps: 7264 Distance: 4.79KM Calories: 189KCAL


20171024_102642I finally made it back into the gym! Then I decided to walk home through all the parks listening to all the old music I used to listen to because I found an old playlist on my spotify that I had forgotten about, ironically called ‘favourite songs’.

I watched Elf – it is never too early to watch Elf and I am already starting to feel Christmassy. Yes you can all me crazy if you like, I will allow it – only because Halloween hasn’t happened yet. Although saying that the Christmas Market is starting to appear in town!

I spent the rest of my evening catching up on various vlogs, TV Shows (Educating Greater Manchester & Our Girl) whilst working on this blog and coming up with some ideas for the next few weeks.

Total steps: 14421 Distance: 9.51KM Calories: 421KCAL


Snapchat-1607580388.jpgI went to the gym and spent a lot of time working on my blog. I felt at one point that I wasn’t going to see the outside world so I decided to go out for a long walk which was actually a really good way to come back to the things I was working on with a fresh mind.

Total steps: 14029 Distance: 9.25KM Calories: 440KCAL


I was in work all day and I don’t remember anything particularly exciting happening.

Total steps: 8628 Distance: 5.69KM Calories: 204KCAL


I was in work all day so nothing really exciting happened although Ben and Morgan gave me boxes of chocolates early for my birthday and I went to stay at Maddie’s because it was the start of the weekend.

Total steps: 7436 Distance: 4.90KM Calories: 205KCAL

Saturday aka My First Birthday

So because I am actually away (back in Cambridge) for my real birthday I have different plans throughout the month with different people so I am basically having a month of birthdays…

I spent the day in work and then we all went to get Maddie from the train station – which was great because everyone was excited to meet her.

We spent the night playing Never Have I Ever which is always interesting! Then some of us carried on and went over to Pulse. I may or may not (I definitely did) get a little bit drunk.

But it was definitely one of the best nights out I have had in a while!

Total steps: 10994 Distance: 7.25KM Calories: 244KCAL


Snapchat-644462956I spent most of the day recovering from my hangover which seemed to get progressively worse throughout the day. Me and Maddie went over to Rachel’s house to have a roast dinner and watched some films – which was quite a chilled way to spend the weekend.

Total steps: 15076 Distance: 9.94KM Calories: 339KCAL

So that’s it all in all I think I have had a pretty good week! I definitely had a good start to my birthday even if it was almost 2 weeks early.

How was your week did you end up doing anything that stood out for you?

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