It was the end of October and the start of November this week – My birthday month even though Maddie is trying to tell me I can’t celebrate my birthday every day for the whole of this month, I strongly disagree with her!


I spent the whole day in work and nothing particularly exciting happened to be honest.

Tuesday – Halloween


I was working for Halloween but me and Ben dressed up and we had different things on in work to get in the spirit of it. I also won a prize which is always a bonus particularly when it is a Costa voucher and I have a new found love for hot drinks recently (do you suddenly become a real life adult when you like coffee?!)

Wednesday – My Sister’s Birthday

I remembered (pat on the back to me) to ring my sister and say happy birthday but she has to wait for her presents till next week – sucks to be her!

After work I went and stayed at Maddie’s


I tried to cram far too much into the day! After I left Maddie’s I had a catch up with my Mum while waiting for the train home. I then went to get the final things for Maddie’s Advent Calendar (I am super organised this year!). I got home way later than what I was planning to had a catch up with Bev and Peter before getting ready for Llamau’s Sleepout with work.

Llamau is our charity who we are supporting in work at the moment. I went to meet Bryony and Bubbles in work before meeting up with everyone else and going to Harvester for dinner.

We built our shelter which had to be quite big considering there was around 20 of us in our team (although some people snuck off home early!) – Once our shelter was built we hit the bar and enjoyed the band, played bingo, and danced along to the silent disco.


Luckily for the sleepout I made sure I wrapped up really warm so that I actually managed to get about 5-6 hours sleep. The only time I really felt the cold was when I woke up in the morning and got out of my sleeping bag. We were provided with Starbucks coffee and bacon rolls before heading off. I went home to shower before going to work. I have to say my 10 hour shift felt like it lasted a week with how tired I felt.

Maddie came and met me after work so we could have a chilled weekend together. We stopped off on the way home to pick up a takeaway – which definitely signals the start of a very relaxed weekend.


I woke up early because my body for some reason hadn’t registered that it was the weekend so I decided I would get a start on my to do list of things I need to get done before I go to Cambridge.

Me and Maddie then headed into town to do some shopping had lunch and then went went home to get ready for the fireworks. I’m not very good at judging the time so we managed to get to Barry really early although it meant we had some time to have some chips, go on the big wheel, play in the arcade and get some donuts before watching the fireworks.

It took us quite a while to get home because the whole world apparently decided to go to Barry to watch the fireworks, but once we got home getting into bed has never felt so good!


I think my busy week caught up with me because I actually had a long lay in on Sunday and managed to have a 12 hour sleep which I definitely needed!

Me and Maddie had a really chilled day and Bev made us a roast dinner – I think I inhaled mine!


So all in all it had been a pretty good week! I am about to go into my birthday week and I am actually really excited for it, I haven’t been in Cambridge or celebrated my birthday with my family for a while so it will be good to spend it with them.


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