It was my birthday week this week, although I am putting up quite a fight to be able to claim the whole month as my birthday month!

Monday 6th November

I was back in work after the weekend – nothing very exciting happened!

Tuesday 7th November

I worked a 14 hour shift and Katie-Jo dropped me home from work and gave me the last of my stuff that was at her house. Then I packed the last of the things I needed to take with me to Cambridge.

Wednesday 8th November

I had 2 hours sleep before having to get up and get the coach at 3.45 am (I don’t think I’ll ever book tickets this early ever again)


I got to Cambridge about 10.45am and spent the day with my parents recovering from the journey and lack of sleep.

Thursday 9th November (My Birthday)

I woke up early because my sister had to go to work. I opened my presents which were pretty awesome! My sister gave me a model Hedwig, my brother gave me 4 bottles of Butterbeer and a Gryffindor scarf and my parents gave me an Instax polaroid camera which is something I have wanted for quite a while!

I had cinnamon swirls for breakfast – which is always a winner!

We then went to Scotsdales, which is a garden centre, took look at all the Christmas decorations and see their Christmas displays (I feel like Christmas is starting early this year and I’m definitely feeling festive already!).

We had a McDonald’s for lunch and I managed to hit £400 on my London Marathon Sponsorship which is 20% of my target! (you can sponsor me here if you want/ are able to)


Plus my family sang Happy Birthday (our of tune) and we finished the day with some nice BIG slices of chocolate cake!

Friday 10th November

Me and my Mum picked my Auntie Debbie up and went to visit my Nan. We then went to get her shopping for her as she had a bad back and we picked up a chippy, although I had a nice big rack of BBQ ribs.

Saturday 11th November

The majority of the day was spent in my pyjamas watching vlogs on YouTube and then my Mum and brother surprised me, my sister and my Dad with a meal at Nines – which is an all you can eat buffet restaurant.

Sunday 12th November

Was a chilled day which I spent listening to some music, watching films with my Mum and planning some things for the blog so that I can actually get a little bit organised! Plus we finished the day off with a roast dinner.


Even with the lack of sleep I have had a good week and great birthday! I’m looking forward to this week and seeing Maddie at the weekend, she has a surprise planned for my birthday and we are going to see the Coca Cola lorry!

It’s definitely starting to feel Christmassy!

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