Monday 13th – My Dad’s Birthday

It’s my last full day in Cambridge and also my Dad’s birthday. Surprise – I got woken up early by my sister as she had work! Then everyone else got up to give my Dad his presents.


I then I went to the shop to get my Mum her newspaper and I also got Bertie and Barney some treats.


In the evening me and my Dad went to get a KFC and then we sang a very out of tune version of Happy Birthday to him before eating chocolate cake.

dad cake

I have decided that this year I want to put together a video of a second of every day of my year of being 24 so I started putting this together (lets see if I can stick to this!). I also worked on a couple of blog posts.

Tuesday 14th


I had to travel back to Cardiff, originally I was going to get the coach back but my Dad drove me all the way plus my Mum and their two dogs came along for the ride! It was a lot quicker than getting the bus which meant I had time to catch up on a lot of things I just hadn’t bothered doing while I was in Cambridge and I got really into a few ideas for this blog and my YouTube channel which is exciting (I’ve started to feel very creative recently and I’m really enjoying it!)

Wednesday 15th

Was my first day back in work after having a day off and the struggle was real!

Thursday 16th

I was in work again and didn’t really do anything particularly exciting but I was really tired from getting out of sync of my shifts.

Friday 17th

Friday was a very exciting day – firstly I had a half day in work which is always good but not only that but the really exciting part was Maddie had a surprise planned as part of my birthday and she hadn’t given anything away so it was a real surprise!

I was given the instructions to meet her at the train station but as I was walking out of the door from work she was waiting outside which was a bit of a shock and sort of put me right off track with what was going on. We then went on a little journey in an Uber and pulled up outside the St. Davids Hotel in Cardiff Bay! Maddie had also got me presents and put petal on the bed and it was great. Although my surprise didn’t stop there because inside my birthday card from Maddie it said she had a table booked in Miller and Carter for 8.30pm – I love food ESPECIALLY steak! So we got ready and headed over to Miller and Carter where we had THE BEST steak of my life and we ate so much food I genuinely thought I was going to explode.

Saturday 18th

We had to check out of the hotel and I was a little bit (VERY) sad to leave but I got to have Maddie with me for an extra day this week which was really great! When we left the hotel we got the train back to Cardiff and got some snacks on the way back to my house we spent the afternoon and evening watching a marathon of films which was a great way to spend a pretty rainy afternoon.

Sunday 19th

I had planned on having a long lie in and then we were going to go out to Cardiff Market and see the Coca Cola lorry however none of those things happened… I woke up early because apparently my body clock hates me! Although I did catch up on all of the vlogs I had missed throughout the week which felt kind of productive and then Me and Maddie watched some TV and a few episodes of Greys Anatomy before demolishing one of Bev’s roast dinners which are always pretty amazing. We then chilled for a bit and watched some more Greys Anatomy before Maddie had to leave.


So all in all it has been a pretty good week and I have definitely been spoilt for my birthday this year, I feel really lucky! This week I have quite a few days off where I have quite a lot of stuff I want to get done so I definitely need to make a list so that I get everything done.

Are you starting to feel festive with all of the Christmas lights and shop displays that are starting to appear?! I definitely am and I LOVE IT!

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