I don’t think I have ever been very successful in achieving my new years resolutions but I also haven’t ever really put much thought into what I want to achieve throughout the year. So this year I have spent quite a lot of time throughout the last few months of 2017 and particularly in the final few days of 2017 thinking about what I really want to achieve and improve on.My biggest focus this year is around my health including my mental health. The main things I want to focus on are to:Exercise more: I kind of slowed up on the gym and exercise front towards the end of the year and I really need to get back into it not only is it very important for my marathon preparations but I was also starting to see some real improvements to my health and also my body. I have also got my gym membership ready to restart on the 1st of January like every other person in the world (hopefully I can get into a good routine.Eat/ Drink less junk: Considering I have a marathon to prepare for I think this is important, plus when I did this for about 6 weeks in the middle of 2017 I found that it really helped to improve my skin and my attitude generally.Sleep more: I have a very bad habit of going to bed very late and then being really groggy and unproductive the next day.Read more: I have cleaned out my Goodreads profile and I want to complete the 50 Book Challenge. I used to find reading a really good way to relax before bed particularly when I was struggling with sleep and I feel that getting back into this routine will help me to unwind before bed. Plus I have a whole stack of books that are just sat in my cupboard waiting to be read.I also have a few other things I would like to achieve too:Blog more: I ended up neglecting this blog at various points throughout the year so this year I want to be more committed to it and make sure I update/ post at least twice per week.Watch more films: I never used to enjoy sitting down and watching a film but recently this has become something I have enjoyed doing to relax. I have seen quite a few trailers for films that I want to see so I think I will be making a few trips to the cinema this year.Experience more: This is quite a broad one but I really want to just get out and do more, whether that’s is just going out with my camera and taking photos somewhere, going to gigs, eating at a different restaurant or going away for a few days. I want to make sure that I make a lot of new memories throughout 2018I think all of these things will be achievable if I really put my mind to it and some of them could become quite effortless if I put my mind to it. 

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