Now that the new year has arrived my 16 week training plan has started for the London Marathon and thankfully the 1st of January was a rest day pretty good coincidence if you ask me!Every Tuesday I will be posting an update of how my training has gone that week and how the fundraising is going. It felt good to be back training (I had kind taken most of November and the whole of December off after dislocating my shoulder) with an actual plan in place with the date of the end goal fast approaching… 109 days to be exact – It really isn’t that far away and in some ways I am terrified and other ways I’m excited for the challenge.In case you aren’t aware I am running the Marathon for The Children’s Society and if you would like to donate/sponsor me you can do so by going to – any amount that you can give will make a difference and if you are unable to donate then please share the link to anyone you know!

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