I really feel like 2017 flew by and everything that I did has sort of mashed up into one blurred memory.

I feel like I really have worked on myself a lot this year and worked out what makes me ‘me’. This has led to a lot of criticism from other people as they have felt that I have ‘changed’ but for me it has meant I have become a lot more comfortable and confident being me.

I have also spent a lot of time this year working on my mental health and have gone through a few tricky periods where I have felt particularly ‘triggered’ but I have learnt different ways to manage it and have come out the other side of these cloudy periods feeling more determined to keep going each time.

I have also made some of my favourite memories this year and in all honesty I didn’t realise how much I had actually done this year until I looked back on my photos, YouTube videos and blog posts!

Over the course of the year I have seen Lucy Spraggan, Little Mix, James Arthur (supported by Ella Henderson) and Steps (supported by the Vengaboys)  which were all amazing – I even really enjoyed James Arthur which may have been partly because of the fact he was supported by Ella Henderson. I already have tickets for Fickle Friends & Little Mix for next year although I am hoping to see quite a few others too. I also saw Rose and Rosie as well as The Addams Family, I am so happy that I got to see Carrie Fletcher perform! I hope that I can make it to the theatre and see something there again this year as there is something different about seeing something performed live.


I managed to acquire a new tattoo! Both me and my Mum had matching tattoos done for Mother’s Day. I also dyed my hair for the first time and also got my nose pierced. I am hoping to get another tattoo done at some point this year, I have so many I want to get done I should probably start getting them converted from ideas to actual tattoos!


I also went on a river boat holiday with my parents in on the Norfolk Broads which was great! I also went to an old school friends wedding and the summer ended with going to Cardiff Pride for the 3rd time. My family already have plans to go on the river boat again this year which I’m looking forward to.


The year has come to an end with a slight twist I had originally planned to stay single for the whole of 2017, I’m not really sure why I made this plan but clearly you can predict or plan these things as I have found myself in a relationship with a pretty amazing girl who has become a part of my family. We have been able to go on some pretty memorable adventures already as we have been to the fireworks, a couple of gigs together; Maddie surprised me for my birthday and we have had our own mini Christmas too. I am looking forward to the memories we will make in 2018 together – we already have a few things planned!

I then finished the year off by celebrating Christmas in Cambridge with my family before going back to Cardiff to celebrate the New Year where I planned a little date day for me and Maddie to enjoy the last day of 2017 and we saw the New Year into together.


I think I can safely say that I have enjoyed 2017 even with some of the hurdles I have overcome and am ready for 2018!

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