I have just completed the first week of my 16 week training plan. Below you can see what I was aiming to do this week.

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Easy Pace 20 Min Continuous Run

Wednesday – Core Conditioning & 30-45 Minute Easy Cross Training

Thursday – Threshold run 30 mins to include 3 x 5 mins @ threshold/2 min jog/walk recovery

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – 30 Mins Easy Run

Sunday – Long run 45 min total with 2 x (20 mins easy/ 5 mins walk)

So the first week has been difficult and I was definitely glad that the first day of the plan was a rest day especially as it was new years day!I went a little bit off of the plan but I guess that all comes down to the routine I need to get into, which once I am back to work in week to I will be able to get into properly.Considering I haven’t really been in the gym or done any form of real training since November time due to dislocating my shoulder it felt good to be back in the gym. I have decided while I am getting back into a routine I am doing the majority of my training in the gym for the time being.I am pretty happy with what I have managed to do this week and the progress I have seen in both my body, stamina, and also the change in the food types my body wants.  am a chocoholic and I have been craving ‘real’ food instead of the mountain of sugary food I normally have – which can only be a good thing!I am also keeping an eye on my weight and the physical changes of my body throughout the training. I think it is important for me to say this isn’t the main reason for doing all of this training or the marathon itself but I am interested to see the effects it has on me over the next few months.

Starting weight – 2nd January 59.6kg

Current weight – 8th January 56.5kg

Which means I have lost 3.1kg over the last week!

Don’t forget I am running the London Marathon in aid of The Children’s Society to help improve the lives of vulnerable children. Please donate or share the link to my Just Giving page to help my reach my target!

I have currently raised £405.50 which is 20% of my target!


Make sure you check back next week to see how my training is going.

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