Picture CreditOne of the things I am guilty from is getting stuck in a rut of being negative about things when they go wrong and not believing that things can go right or get better.Today is ‘Blue Monday’ and I don’t know how true it is. But what I do know is that I feel like January is dragging, pay day still feels like forever away and I have had a bit of a bad run of illness, feeling exhausted and just generally feeling down.This week I want to have more of a positive outlook. I always think that Monday is a great day for ‘starting over’ its a fresh week so there is plenty of opportunity to get things done. So I plan check a few things off of my ever growing to do list and get back on top of the things I have let slip recently. 

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  1. I am totally the same with Mondays – they’re almost like New Year for me in terms of being a perfect fresh start. I think I’d even say it’s my favourite day of the week and I’m grateful for Mondays when I don’t feel my best because there’s always another opportunity coming soon. My only problem is that sometimes I get stuck in this ‘awaiting’ mode and I forget that to get things done I can’t just start over and over again – I should eventually finish them too.Hope you’re going to have a lovely week!With kindness


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