I spent a lot of this weekend travelling on buses and trains so I could attend The Children’s Society Training day (I’m going to post more about this tomorrow) and I can definitely say I have come back from it with a completely fresh mindset and outlook on my training.Over the past few weeks my mental health has taken a bit of a knock sideways and I have been less than enthusiastic about pretty much everything. I have got a new counsellor which I always find really helpful and has definitely helped me turn things around over the last week or so.I think my biggest issue is I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to be a lot further on with my training than what I really need to be. This was actually reinforced by the training day and I’m definitely going to keep reminding myself of it and to stop comparing myself to people who are running further distances than I am at the moment. All the small goals I am accomplishing as I go a long will help reach the in the end… actually completing the marathon.I mean I have had a few injuries so far and I am being cautious (maybe over cautious) about triggering my knee injury. I am confident in my training plan and I just need to try and keep a good balance of training, rest and nutrition (see I was listening well on Saturday) to ensure that I don’t burn out before the marathon through over doing it!The positive mindset is back and the small steps are going to have a big outcome!

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