I’m really sorry! I forgot to post this and it’s been sat waiting to be finished off and I need to get some photos together for it – then life just kind of took over… But it’s here now!I’ve kind of failed on the charity Tuesday posts, life just gets in the way! But as I said yesterday I would write about the training day I attended on Saturday with the Children’s Society.I had already travelled from Cardiff to Cambridge on the Friday so that I didn’t have as far to go on Saturday but that still meant I had about an hour and a bit on the train to get into London. After a bit of an argument with google maps I eventually found my way to the Astronomer pub and met Nathan outside who actually ended up spending most of the day with. I have to say the pub was REALLY nice and made a really cool location for the day. I think it would definitely be somewhere I would go back to at some point.We went out for some training with Siobhan from the Running with Us team. We learnt about running at different speeds. She also did a presentation later on in the day which was really useful particularly about getting the balance right between training, nutrition and rest. In theory this could be easy but in practice it’s hard particularly when you throw in normal life hurdles too.The last part of the day we heard from The Children’s Society team and more about the work they do. In some ways I think this was the most valuable part of the day as it really brought home how the money we raise will really make a difference!It was also great to spend the day with such an enthusiastic team from the Children’s Society; Leah, Jay, Laura, Charlie and Andy it made a huge difference to talk to people who are passionate about the charity and their enthusiasm definitely rubbed off onto everyone in the room.Currently I have hit 25% of my target with £500 which could help The Children’s Society to run a drop-in centre for a day which would help provide vulnerable young people with easily accessible information, support and guidance. I am so grateful for all of the support I have received so far and it is amazing to hit this milestone with the fundraising!Since writing this post originally I have actually raised a little bit more towards my target and I have currently reached £615.50 which is 31% of my target! This is amazing and I feel really lucky and thankful for the people who have got behind me so far!If you can please sponsor me as the money is going to help make a positive impact on people who really need it.You can donate through my Just Giving page, www.justgiving.com/staceyjhubbard or you can Text SHLM66 £3 to 70070

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