People hate talking about it.Some people are ashamed to admit it, some don’t like being seen as ‘weak’ for others its just a subject that they can’t face talking about. For whatever reason talking about our mental health is a ‘taboo’ subject.I talk about my mental health very openly, it is one of the things I have been encouraged to do by several of the counsellors I have had over the years. For some people this might not help them but for me it has helped massively. Plus I know it has helped others too which in some ways makes it easier to talk about.I’m not ashamed to say that I have been to some very dark places with my mental health and at times I haven’t known how to cope with the feelings and emotions I have had. There is no doubt that my mental health will affect me throughout my life in different ways but I have learnt a whole heap of ‘coping’ methods which help me to recognise the warning signs very early on which makes my life a lot easier because I can make sure I limit the effects it has on my daily life and ensure I keep functioning like a normal person as much as possible.I am thankful the my mental health hasn’t been triggered or overly affected very much recently, I have had odd days where things have been tough but they happen to everyone!When I saw that May was mental health month (mainly in America) I realised how ‘good’ my brain is at the moment but also how ‘bad’ it has once been. I am very proud of the progress I have made and thankful for the people who have always been supportive whenever I have been in bad place.

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