Recently I have picked up a bit of a bad habit in the form of smoking. Slowly what was the occasional cigarette when I was out with friends became a lot more. I was using it to distress or cover up my anxiety.Over the last few weeks I have noticed the effects this has had on my health and have decided to quit. Now this hasn’t been as easy as I originally thought it would be and I have caved on more than one occasion. As a result of this I started to look up an app to track my progress and the effects it will have on my body.I have fund two apps in particular that I like, one called ‘Quit Smoking’ and the other called ‘Smoke Free’ and can be found in the Google play store. The main reason why I liked the Quit Smoking app is because it also has a ‘widget’ being a Samsung phone user I always find this helpful with any kind of countdown app. The Smoke Free app I actually decided to pay for the upgrade to gain all of the features which allows you to see the improvements to your health and gain different badges for completing different missions.I officially made the decision to completely quit on the 18th June and so far is is going okay. I have wanted to give in to my cravings on more than one occasion but I am sticking it out!

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