“Life is only 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” – Charles K Swindoll.I have been sent a number of curve balls in my life and I haven’t necessarily handled all of them in the best way but I have definitely learnt from them, I also think that the unexpected lessons are the ones you learn the most from.People have told me I am too nice and I always thought that was a good thing until I realised that people would take advantage of that and how I would always go out of my way to help people who wouldn’t help me if the situation was reversed. So over the last few months I have started to prioritise myself a lot more and what I want and need as opposed to what benefits those around me.Some people who I was once close to haven’t appreciated this at all, and has led to some friendships coming to an end. I don’t see this as a negative thing at all and hope those people who I am no longer friends with achieve everything they hope to in their lives. I do however feel that it important to remember that as life goes on you outgrow certain people in your life as what you want and need in life changes.When these events started to occur I started off seeing them as a negative and it was really bringing me down but after talking it through with a few friends I have seen the flip side of how it will positively effect my life.I guess it’s important to look at a situation from all angles before reacting on your initial feelings towards a situation.

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