I think I have subscriptions for every entertainment site going (Netflix, Prime Video, and Now TV) purely because I end up drawn into different series on each of them.F9422313-75C3-4D5F-8DB8-7753FFBC4711There are three TV series I want to talk about today the first of the them is Scandal – this has become one of my main go to shows when I have run out of other things to watch. I started watching it a few years ago and life just kind of got in the way which meant I stopped watching it. A few months back I saw it on NowTv and decided to start it again as its the kind of show with lots of different stories which I couldn’t remember all of. It’s pretty safe to say I have become hooked on it again and I hope I can watch it all before NowTv stop showing it in October.D203D096-B8FC-4609-8CB3-90F629138DA1.pngA series that I have enjoyed since it started on Channel 4 is 24 Hours in Police Custody. I enjoy pretty much anything factual on TV and I like seeing how they solve the different crimes throughout the episode. Some of the episodes are pretty hard to watch because of the topics that they cover but there is always something interesting in them and at times you can see a flip side of why people end up committing certain crimes.8CE97737-609B-412D-B16F-BB763297C216When I was staying at Marysia’s last week I was binge watching everything online and came across Station 19 on NowTv which is a spin off from Grey’s Anatomy which I really love. I was hooked on it from the first episode and finished all 10 over 2 days. I love all the Bailey appearances and the cross overs there are with Grey’s, the whole style of the show is also very similar which made it easier to watch too. This is definitely one of my favourite shows that has been made recently.

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