One of the things I wanted to do more of this year is exploring different places a bit more. So when Marysia suggested going to Tenby on our day off together I thought it was a great idea especially with the weather being so hot!I got the train to Swansea where I met Marysia and she drove us to Tenby it wasn’t really a particularly long journey and it went by quite quickly. After realising the parking required change and a little bit of a stress over that we were able to get out and explore!20180704_103936.jpgIt was definitely lunch time by the time we arrived so we made a bee line for somewhere to eat and we ended up in Fecci’s for fish and chips although neither of us ended up having fish and chips.snapchat-692782931.jpgOnce we had eaten we spent some time at the beach we had a walk around the town took a few photos before heading back to the car to top up the parking so it would last us till we left.

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  2. […] looks of things July started off in the pub. I also had an adventure with Marysia where we went to Tenby which was actually the first time I’d been there, we also ventured to Denny’s for […]


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