“Excuses will always be there. Opportunity will not”

I think one of the biggest things that I am guilty of is letting opportunities pass me by because I don’t make time and instead make excuses why they can’t be done – not to mention the fact I am definitely the queen of procrastinating.Writing this blog has always been an outlet for my brain and a way for me to process what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling as well as a place to share the things I have been up to. This means sometimes I neglect it for periods of time or find myself posting things which don’t have a lot of value or make a lot of sense at the time. This is mainly due to the fact that I end up spending a lot of time getting drawn into things which don’t always necessarily add value to me or the things that I want to achieve.I am slowly learning how to prioritise the things that are important and make time rather than excuses to make sure I get to spend time enjoying them. I have been looking through this blog over the last few weeks and removing certain posts, restructuring and rewriting other things in order to improve what shared here.

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