Everyone thinks I’m a little bit crazy because I like walking to places. It doesn’t really matter what the weather is like, I just like that little bit of freedom to get outside and set off to walk somewhere. I usually get the chance to see things I wouldn’t normally get a chance to, plus it also gives me time to listen to a few podcasts or some music.There are so many benefits of walking but one of the biggest ones that I have found is that it helps me to clear my head. It generally slows down the pace a little bit which also gives me a chance to sort through my thoughts away from the daily commotion so that I can think things through a bit more rationally.I also think that when you are walking you notice more around you that you wouldn’t otherwise see if you were driving or on the bus. Not to mention it is good to get outside in the fresh air, particularly when we spend most of our time cooped up insde in front of the television, at work, in front of computers – people are spending less and less time outside.

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