I haven’t written a favourites post in a while and when I first attempted to write this I didn’t think I had very much to include. I was wrong!snapchat-1994457056So last month I upgraded my phone contract. Now I love a bit of technology and always find myself checking out the various new models of phones as they come out. However this time I found myself stuck between a new Samsung or the Iphone this is the trap I always try to avoid falling into. However I ended up deciding to go for the Samsung S9 plus, purely based upon the fact I have stuck with Samsung phones for years and (touch wood) I haven’t had a problem with them yet – plus I love android. Part of the deal of my upgrade was a free Samsung Tab A6 10.1 inch tablet. I was pretty happy with my Ipad after my laptop had died although I have had the Samsung tablet for a few days now and I absolutely love it. I didnt think having the slightly larger screen would make that much of a difference but it definitely does! Plus it is great being to easily switch between my phone and the tablet as the sync together really easily. Sadly I think my Ipad has retired early!Another of my favourite things this month has been having a Chocolate Twist (or two) from Tesco’s for breakfast. One of the best parts of being an adult is definitely choosing to have chocolate for breakfast!Other than these three things this month I haven’t really got anything else to include!

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