I know, I have said it many times ‘I’m working on improving this blog’ but honestly I am! I have just (yesterday) invested in a new laptop to make the writing process a little bit easier – I tried to make it work using a tablet but it just wasn’t practical for long writing sessions! Plus having a slightly larger screen makes doing the majority of blog related things a lot easier too.So this is a quick post, dropping in to say all the things I want to do with this blog are in process. I am currently working on re-categorising and organising the blog a little bit better so my previous posts are a bit easier to find. I have cleared out ALOT (and I mean ALOT) of posts that I either wasn’t happy with, that won’t fit in with my blog going forward or that I want to completely rewrite in the future because I think there is more I can do with them.I have also started to plan the content to appear here throughout the rest of the year as well as for next year too! Which means there is going to be more regular content for you to see.I am also planning on getting my YouTube channel back up and running very soon – so even though it doesn’t seem it here, there are things going on behind the scenes and starting tomorrow there will be new things coming!

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