In yesterday’s blog I spoke about how I wanted to include more things here that I could look back on in the future. So in the first of many posts about more specific aspects of my life I thought I would write about early part of Marysia and my relationship as she has already appeared here previously and will appear here in the future – I would like to add this is with her permission!Exactly six months ago today Marysia and I went on our first date. We started ‘talking’ about a week after I had completed the marathon, I had a broken foot and we had only actually been talking for about a week before we went on our first date.Before we actually went on this date I had had a conversation with my friends that I wasn’t looking for a relationship. However that quite clearly changed after that Sunday afternoon.Marysia picked me up because of my broken foot and we went and had food in TGI’s  where we talked non stop and then went to the cinema and saw Avengers Infinity War. Afterwards Marysia drove me home and we had a drink and chatted some more.It was probably one of the most chilled out dates I have ever had because there was no awkwardness between us, and when I say we talked pretty much non stop it was literally non stop. It was also one of the most successful first dates I’ve had because if you haven’t guessed we’re in a relationship now.I have shared a couple of adventures with Marysia on here before from when we went to Tenby for the day and Denny’s for breakfast. There are a few more adventures I am going to share here over the next few weeks that we have been on recently plus there are going to be many more in the future that I will post here! 

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