Some people will already know the idea/ story behind Barnaby but for those who don’t here it is…

A few weeks ago I had a chat with my counsellor because I was having a few bad brain days and got myself in to a rut. We had a chat about the ways I would normally/used cope in these situations before I thought I had everything under control. All of these things had one thing in common, they were creative in some way and made sure I was kept busy and thinking ‘outside’ of the box. So my counsellor came up with a way to combine a few of the things I enjoy (blogging, taking photos, and getting outside) together so that I had a positive outlet/ way of looking at life. 

My counsellor came up with the idea of having a side kick or something that I could take on adventures with me. It wasn’t long before this meeting with my counsellor that I had bought the bear that was to become Barnaby at Comic Con in London. I am embracing this little project that I have been set as much as possible and have already created an Instagram account for Barnaby where you can keep up with his adventures. Who knows he may start his own little section on this blog too!

If you want to follow his adventures Barnaby’s Instagram is:

4 responses to “Meet Barnaby”

  1. I love the bear, and Barnaby suits him.


  2. This is a lovely idea, it’s great to find creative ways to help with our mental health. Barnaby is adorable!Chloe xx


  3. This is such a cute idea. I have a bear that I’ve had since I was born – he’s been all over the world with me!


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