I’m Barnaby and Stacey is my Bear Carer, I decided I would hijack her blog once a week and talk about the adventures I have been on! But first I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself that she might have missed out.

I was created on 27th October at Comic Con in London but I didn’t get given my real purpose until a few weeks later when Stacey had a meeting with her counsellor who suggested she needed to do something a little bit more creative to look after her mental health a bit more as she has had a few bad brain days recently.  Stacey has PTSD and struggles to talk about what she is thinking/ feeling sometimes so I am here to be here voice at times and also be her partner in crime to make sure she gets out of the house and go on adventures!

I got taken on my first big adventure to Swansea with Stacey to visit her girlfriend Marysia last week. We have been getting ready for Christmas and put up a Christmas tree and we also went to a Garden Centre to have a look at the decorations. We had a lot of fun and I got to meet some really big bears too!

See you next time…


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