*Warning* This post may be a little bit sappy so feel free to skip it if you feel you want to (I won’t be offended)

I will be completely honest when me and Marysia first started ‘talking, ‘dating, ‘seeing’ each other, whatever you want to call it I honestly wasn’t looking for a relationship. I had fairly recently come out of one and I was pretty happy in my own little bubble. We met on one of these dating apps (hello 21st century) and the idea was you had to like each other’s profile before you could message each other. Marysia actually liked my profile a couple of days before I ran the London Marathon and because I was so busy travelling, training, picking things up I ignored the notification on my phone and I didn’t think anything more of it. That was until a few days later and I was strapped up with a broken foot that I was flicking through my phone and ended up seeing the notification again. Curiosity killed the cat in this case and it wasn’t long before we were exchanging messages and talking all day every day.

Slowly dating became something a bit more, and before we knew it we were/ are in a relationship… here we are 6 months later, still together and going strong.

Now I know people will say 6 months, that isn’t a long time to be in a relationship but I think it is a bit of a milestone primarily because I know I can be a bit of nightmare to be in a relationship with. I also know that the 6 month mark is generically the end of the ‘honeymoon’ period and the make or break point in a relationship.

I don’t want to give all the gory/ sappy details of our relationship because I believe somethings should be kept private. However I will say this relationship is very different to those that I have had previously. I have learnt from my mistakes with not communicating enough and if anything I over communicate with Marysia (if that’s even possible). I tell her as soon as I think anything is up with my mental health, I talk about how I’m feeling and what’s going on. Which I think helps her to understand me a lot more. Whilst we do spend a lot of time together (pretty much every one of our days off are spent together) we also spend a lot of time doing our own thing when we are with each other – which I think is important. There have been times in past relationships where I have given up the things I enjoy to please that person which ends up not working out and you end up resenting the person you are with for this reason. Which is another reason why Marysia and I work so well together because whilst we share similar interests with certain things there are other aspects of our relationship where we are polar opposites and we accept that but we don’t stop each other from doing the things we enjoy. In fact one of my favourite ways for us to spend time together is what we call our ‘Sunday Routine’ when I cook a roast dinner for us (and Boris), watch films cwtched up with Boris and do some stuff on this blog whilst Marysia plays her computer games. I have no idea about her games (she has tried to explain them to me but it goes right over my head) and she reads this blog but generally just leaves me to it when I write it. 

We have had our little arguments and disagreements over the last few months about various things but we always find a way to fix things and talk things through, and talking to each other is very important (another life lesson I have learnt). If you don’t talk no one knows there’s an issue and it will only get worse.

I’m going to round this off saying that I feel very lucky to be with Marysia, experiencing the adventures we go on (however big or small they are). I’m looking forward to the future and celebrating more milestones together!

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  1. D’aww! You two look very happy together. Wishing you both all the best and a strong future relationship 🙂


  2. It’s so great to see you happy 😊 I hope you two experience many more great adventures!


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