I made a post at the beginning of the year about my new year’s resolutions for 2018, they were:

  1. Exercise more
  2. Eat/drink less junk
  3. Sleep more
  4. Read more
  5. Blog more
  6. Watch more films
  7. Experience more

I can safely say I don’t think they were all very successful and I think that I am going to think a bit more about my resolutions for 2019 a bit more and ensure I focus on them more than I did this year. After the first few months I think I had pretty much forgotten about them, which obviously wouldn’t help me to achieve them!

I did very well in the first few months of the year to ensure I was exercising more because I was focusing on the marathon, then once that was done I just let it slowly stop. I think this is definitely something I need to think about doing more of over the course of 2019.

The same thing happened with eating and drinking less junk. I have definitely found this hard with my new shift pattern in work and need to come up with a way to get back on top of eating a little bit more healthily.

I think that sleeping more was definitely one of my more successful resolutions and I can almost always be found having a little nap on a Sunday afternoon. I am also pretty good at giving myself a bed time on my days off to make up for the days I am in work late!

I didn’t manage to get very much reading done this year, however I have a new tablet which was part of my phone upgrade this year. I plan on getting back into reading again using this to put ebooks on as I always get put off reading by the thought of having to carry a big heavy book around with me so hopefully this helps to get around this problem. 

Like the previous year blogging more has been a bit of a challenge. There has been a few hurdles this year that has meant I haven’t always felt like posting things here. I have been working slowly to rebuild this blog throughout the last few months and I am beginning to get it to become what I have always wanted it to be. I am also starting to work out the content I would like to create next year and am hoping that the work I have put into rebuild this blog will make me feel more inclined to put the content together.

I think I have managed to watch quite a few more films than I would normally although I am still a little bit guilty of watching the same old favourites on repeat.

The final thing I wanted to do this year was to experience more. In some ways I think that I have done this and other ways I don’t think that I have but it is definitely something I want to continue doing throughout 2019.

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