This year feels as though it has flown by so I thought I would take some time to look back over my photos and videos to make a post highlighting my favourite bits!

January started the year off for me like it did for most people a desire to get in the gym and organise every aspect of my life. Granted the idea of getting in the gym was to get myself in a better shape for running the marathon later in the year and I felt the beginning of the year was the best time to start this habit. I also spent a lot of time going out propping up the bar with my friends. I always find that January is a difficult time for my mental health and looking back over the photos and videos I took throughout the month it definitely shows that I was struggling but trying to cope. I spent a lot of time outside and going for walks which is usually a sign I am trying to get my head around my own thoughts.

Cardiff Bay January 2018

February was a weird month, I went through a break up, got a few new tattoos and attended a training day for the charity I ran the marathon for. I also went to Bristol Zoo and saw Fickle Friends

March started with the Beast from the East arriving and I spend a night in a hotel as I got stuck at work. I spent a quite a bit of time enjoying using my camera and getting outside in the snow. I also took myself off exploring parts of Cardiff I don’t normally visit. The month ended with seeing Fall Out Boy who I won tickets for.

April was spent ill with the flu and then I picked my camera back up and I captured the start of spring. The end of the month saw me participate and complete the London Marathon.

London Marathon 2018

May started off with a broken foot and a pretty successful first date with Marysia. I also climbed up Pen Y Fan with work (I still had a broken foot). I then spent a week on the Norfolk Broad with my parents in a river boat.

June started off re joining the gym and spending time with Marysia after she came back from South Africa.

By the looks of things July started off in the pub. I also had an adventure with Marysia where we went to Tenby which was actually the first time I’d been there, we also ventured to Denny’s for breakfast later in the month too.

August began with an adventure Penllergaer with Marysia and Boris. I had an unexpected trip to Cambridge as we lost my Granny to cancer. The end of the month was spent celebrating Pride and this year I was part of the parade with Marysia. 

Cardiff Pride 2018

September started with a trip to Cambridge, visiting my Nan in hospital and attending a wedding. Once I came back to Wales I went for dinner with Marysia celebrating my new role in work. I spent a lot of time in the remainder of the month cooking and embracing the start of seeing Christmas decorations appearing in the shops.

October saw the start of the Autumn weather and a lot of comfort food. I went to see Lucy Spraggan with Marysia. We also went to Comic Con in London with my brother and sister.

Lucy Spraggan 2018

November began with a trip to Cambridge to visit my family for my sister’s birthday, I also went to Scotsdales which was the first garden centre I went to for the festive period. I also celebrated my 25th birthday where Marysia and I went to play crazy golf, ate cookie dough and ice cream finishing the day off with a McDonalds. I went and saw the Coca Cola lorry which definitely would make even Scrooge feel festive. Marysia and I also had a very festive weekend towards the end of the month where we visited another garden centre, tested the Costa festive menu and I put up some decorations. We also went to see Florence and the Machine.

The end of the year was spent taking some time out, going on little adventures with Marysia and celebrating Christmas with my family.

I’ve definitely had a bumpy 2018 with different obsticles along the way but I am going into 2019 feeling optimistic about what it will send my way.

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