2018 flew past, it really was another year where if you blinked you would hve missed it! Which is why this year as part of starting this blog back up again I am going to make a weekly blog of what I have been upto. If I do anything overly exciting that deserves it’s own seperate post I will link it within the weekly blog and summarise what happened. But until that happens… here is my first week of 2019.

Week One of 2019

Monday – New Years Eve

I actually spent New Years Eve in work but I managed to get home just before 12 (thanks to my Uber driver). I saw in the new year watching the fireworks from my bedroo window whilst messaging Marysia.

Tuesday – New Years Day

I was in work on New Year’s Day but as I was starting my shift late than normal I decided to take myself off for a walk around Bute Park in Cardiff. I also picked up a few things for my lunch on the way into work.


Was another day in work and I started to come down with a cold. I had a lay in then crashed as soon as I got home from work.


I decided to walk to work as I am trying to make more of an effort to be a bit more active this year. I decided to take the more scenic route which took a little bit longer than I was anticipating as I am clearly more out of shape than I realised.


I felt awful. I woke up after a really bad nights sleep and my body was aching. The cold I had been trying o ignore was in full force, my throat felt like sandpaper and my nos was bocked and I couldn’t breathe. I spent most of the day battling to stay awake and trying to eat. Marysia came and picked me up and looked after me. She also ordered us a takeaway and persisted in making sure I ate even when I said I wasn’t hungry,


I was feeling really groggy and under the weather still. Marysia made sure I had cwtches on tap. We went and got some food and Marysia set me up on the sofa with cups of tea and You on Netflix. Boris spent most of the day cwtched up with me (when he wasn’t trying to eat my hands). Marysia also insisted on cooking and made me lasagne, when I’m ill I crave pasta!


Marysia made me breakfast and a cup of tea, The rest of the day was spent watching various things on YouTube and Netflix cwtched up under a blanket preparing for the week.

A part from finally catching this flu sickness thing that has been flying around and knocking people down one by one I think the first week of 2019 has been okay.

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