I know that last year I picked this blog up and put it down more times than you can probably count. But I still thought that it would be interesting to have a look back and see what the most popular posts of 2018 were.

1. 6 Months In

2. Looking Back On June

3. Meet Barnaby

4. Fitness Friday: A Years Work

5. Starting September

6. Motivational Monday: I Can Change My Life

7. Self- Care Sunday Reconnecting with Emotions

8. What I Got For Christmas 2018

9. Motivational Monday: Its All About How You React

10. I am 25

It’s interesting to see that the posts I wrote because I wanted to write as opposed to following trends were the ones which were read the most in the year. It definitely shows that I should continue writing the content I want to write as opposed to following the crowd… I guess that’s one of those life lessons your parents try to tell you but you never quite listen to until you see evidence of it – I guess this is the evidence!

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