*Trigger Warning*

Who would believe that it has been 3 years since I had posted the video explaining my CSA (childhood sexual abuse) story.

I originally posted this video on youtube to stop this part of my life being a secret.

Since I posted this video it has been watched over 1400 times. Some of those people are people I know, others I don’t know. After it was posted I received a few messages from people saying they coudn’t believe I had been through something like that. But the few messages that I appreciated the most when I posted it was from the people who said that this video helped them to speak up about their similar experience.

Part of the problem that rape victims, sexual abuse victims or those who have been through some kind of similar experience face is how difficult it is to speak up due to the fear of people thinking that you are lying. So I’m glad that this video has helped people in a way that I hadn’t even thought it could.

Maybe at some point during this year I can make some more videos to do with my experiences with the different things I have dealt with in the past and currently.

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