I was always find it interesting talking to people about my mental health as I am very good at hiding it when it is affecting me. Receently I have encountered quit a few people who are just beginning to confront the mental health problems they are facing. During my conversations that I have had with these people I have been very honest about what helps me when my mental health is particularly bad.

The thing that has always helped my anxiety is soft things. I find these things comforting and relaxing which is very important for me when my anxiety is particularly bad as I often struggle to sleep. But holding or stroking something soft can often help to relax me and help me to drift off to sleep.

A lot of people compare this to a childs comfort blanket which I guess it is in a way as I do have a toy story blanket which I will often scrunch up and play with the inside of the hood as I fall asleep.

The photo above shows the blanket as my bear called Barnaby who comes on adventures with me and is part of a project my counsellor came up with for me.

I also have a pocket size duck which sits in my coat or jacket pocket. If I start to feel anxious I will often play with it in my pocket. He has become a little bit battered as Boris often likes to carry him around too!

Meet Duckie

I was watching Louise Pentland’s vlog from last week and during it she shows a pillowcase which she has as a comfort. In this video she touches upon the fact that people will have an opinion that she is a grown woman with a comfort. I have to say I have also encountered this but on a very small scale. Some people will make a joke of it but I have learnt to shrug it off.

I think it is important to understand what relaxes you when you are feeling anxious or down. I have a few other things that I use and I will be talking about over the next few weeks.

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