Okay so I know I am a little bit late posting this. But I finally got around to editing a couple of videos together from Marysia’s birthday and our first Valentine’s Day together… I know its a month since it happened but life got busy and I came across the photos and videos the other day and decided it was about time I did something with them.

On Marysia’s birthday we had a pretty quiet day (I knew I had a surprise planned a week later) so we took Boris for a walk and then had a Mcdonalds.

Oystermouth Castle 2019

For Valentine’s Day we went to Oystermouth Castle and went to Joes Ice Cream Parlour – I had never been before but definitely want to go back! We stopped off at Tescos and picked up some bits to make dinner and watched Goodbye Christopher Robin.

Here is a short video to show you what we got up to on Marysia’s birthday and on Valentine’s Day itself.

Marysia’s Birthday & Our First Valentine’s Day Together

About a week and a half after Marysia’s Birthday I planned a surprise for her. You can see it below…

Marysia’s 30th Birthday Surprise

For Marysia’s surprise I travelled up to Swansea – on a Wales v England match day… which was very busy! I then went and picked up the tickets as we were seeing Dirty Dancing in the evening. Once I had collected them I went over to the hotel to check in – We stayed at Morgans Hotel in Swansea. I decorated the room a little bit with balloons before I headed off to meet Marysia, I took her to the hotel to show her where we were staying before we went to get food at the Smoke Haus and watched the first half of the rugby. We watched the second half of the rugby in the hotel before heading off to see Dirty Dancing – it was really good and I really enjoyed it!

The day after we went to Cardiff had food, wondered around the shops and the arcade before seeing Sixth Sense in Cardiff Castle.

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