I know you cannot expect results over night and this week has been a particularly tough week for me mentally so getting in the gym has been difficult and trying to steer clear from chocolate has been equally as difficult.

I did a ‘Health MOT’ on the 16th April and I weighed 69kg which is 10st 12lbs. On the 23rd April I redid the ‘Health MOT’ and found that I had managed to lose a tiny bit of weight 68.6kg which is 10st 11lbs. I am not overly focussed on the numbers on the scales as I know this can become obsessive.

So here is my starting weight every Monday I am going to redo this ‘Health MOT’ and see if any of the results change and hopefully improve.

Last week I averaged 9605 steps per day so this week I have been working on this and am hoping by the end of the week my average steps per day will have increased.

My biggest struggle at the moment is changing my routine and incorporating the gym back into my day, paritcularly as this week all I have wanted to do is spend it in bed.

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